For my massages the tariffs are shown below. All massages include a short chat before and after the massage about your needs and specialities, in total 5 to 10 minutes. For every massage I donate for the Trees for All foundation.

DANSAGE® 60 minutes
DANSAGE® 90 minutes
DANSAGE® 120 minutes

30 minutes (only head- or feetmassage)
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

€ 60,00
€ 90,00
€ 120,00

€ 35,00
€ 55,00
€ 85,00
€ 115,00

Gift voucher

Are you satisfied and do you want to offer someone to enjoy a massage? Buy a gift voucher! These vouchers are available for every amount starting from € 35,00. You can pick up the voucher with me, for instance after your massage, but I am also happy to send it by regular mail to the one you want to surprise with a relaxing massage.

Terms and conditions

  • Prices are including 21% VAT.
  • You are allowed to cancel an appointment up to 24 hours before. After that I unfortunately have to charge the massage.
  • A gift voucher is valid indefinitely for the amount for which it was purchased.
  • For chairmassages I am delighted to make a customized offer. Please contact me for more information without obligation!