Reserve your DANSAGE session!

DANSAGE, let me explain what it is. It sounds like dancing and massage. And that is exactly how it feels. During a DANSAGE session you will experience a very dynamic massage. Because of the flow of movements you will now and then wonder how many hands or arms are giving you a massage. DANSAGE is a continuous flow, sometimes intense, sometimes modest. A flow which I build on the rhythm and intensity of the music and I will continuously tune it to your needs. Curious? Of course! Reserve your DANSAGE using the online booking form or contact me.

AAN, a great spot for your treatments

From Thursday 4th of April AAN is a new spot in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn to enjoy your massages.

AAN Massagepraktijk has found a nice place for giving the massages. From April we can be found in  Praktijk oefentherapie Cesar ‘Wieggers & de Jongste’, finally you can come and enjoy! We start on Thursday evenings from 6-10PM in the even weeks, and on Sundays from 10AM-2PM in the odd weeks. You can make your reservation online using the booking form on our website!

The address of the spot is:
Lester Youngpad 2
3543 GJ Utrecht